resident being assisted in physical therapy exercise

“I felt sure it was the right place for Mom when I saw the resident dog and several cats. The staff there are more like a family. We are eternally grateful for the peace of mind your facility gave our family for the last two years, in the care of our mother, until her passing.”
– The Steger Family –

“We live in the county and I heard a lot of good things about Providence. My loved one was here for physical therapy for a broken hip and came home. I appreciated the family atmosphere and the food was good. I’d like to recognize big John, Larry, and Chester. As far as care is concerned, my loved one said he wouldn’t make a single improvement. I would recommend this facility to others and tell them that it’s a great facility. It’s’ clean. There was no odor. It was a good place to be. All the patients are treated like family. The part I valued the most was the fact that my loved one felt at home as much as possible, this was important. They made him feel at home and showed an interest in him. It was great.”
– Joy M. –

“The nursing staff was very thorough and caring. I’d like to recognize Katie. She was very helpful with my dad. She was very good to him. Rita did an exceptional job taking care of him and our family the weekend he passed. I think it’s a very good facility. They take good care of the patients. It’s very clean. What I valued most is that his safety was important.”
– Jean E. – 

“Everything has been good. I’d like to recognize her nurse, Shannon, on the second shift. My only recommendation is that sometimes she had to wait a little too long if she turns her light on for the bathroom. It’s a good place for older people. I valued that they treated her with respect, kept her clean, and kept her room and bed clean. Everything is good.”
– Joy D. –

“I appreciated the kindness. The cleanliness was excellent. The thing I valued most is that it was most important for her to be comfortable.”
– Jennifer N. –

“The staff here are wonderful. They’re really good with my mom. What I valued most was that her personal safety was most important. My only recommendation is that they notify the family each time our loved ones are taken to doctor appointments.”
– Angela G. –

“I appreciate the staff making sure my mom is clean and fed. She is taken care of. They give her personal attention. All of them are great. I would tell someone that this is the best facility that I know of in the region. What I valued most is that it’s most important that my mom is clean and content.”
– Carla C. –

“I appreciate that they always let me know if there’s a change in anything. Anytime you call, they are happy to help you and let you know what’s going on. I would like to recognize Shannon and Pat. I talk to them the most. They are all really nice. The facility is really clean and doesn’t smell when you walk in. I would tell others that this is a safe and clean place. They are really good and tell you anything you need to know. It’s a good place to put someone.”
– Gloria J. –

“I’ve appreciated everything. The whole facility is amazing. I would like to recognize Crystal and Cybil, they are amazing to my mom. My moms only complaint is that the food was not that great. I would tell someone that it’s an amazing facility.”
– Michael B. –

“I’ve appreciated absolutely everything. It’s an excellent facility. They are all great. I would like to recognize Angie, Krista, and Stacy. This facility is a high five and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. They can read my mom like a book because she has been here so long. They are excellent. They give excellent care here.”
– Judy S. –

“I appreciate that they really have a lot of personal relationships with patients and are very patient people themselves. They are very involved and try to get the patients involved. All of the staff members are excellent. They are all wonderful and go out of their way to do things for the residents. They do a lot of activities for the residents. It’s a nice environment.”
– Laura B. –

“I’ve appreciated everything. I don’t have any complaints. I would like to recognize Sarah, a nurse on the wing. She’s the one we were initially introduced to. She’s always been, my go-to person. All of the staff are wonderful. I would like to add a side note, they do a wonderful job. I have nothing bad to say about the facility. They are very thorough in the care of my mother as well as other patients I’ve seen. The communication from the staff is great. They contact me and keep me informed about everything.”
– Richard W. –

“I appreciate that they have great concern for patients and seem to be very efficient. I don’t know all the staff by name, but they are all good. The linens and towels are good, but sometimes they lose some of her clothes. It is a very clean facility. I think they do the best they can do with the help they have.”
– Wanda E. –

“We are very satisfied with our mothers care. Everyone is nice to her and she has no complaints. My brother and I feel lucky to have mom here.”

“Ginny speaks highly of the facility and all that care for her. It is a blessing to have her there.”

“I can only speak of my personal experiences with your facility; every time I come to see my mother, I am always greeted and answered questions to any of my concerns. I think you have a very good unit, that care and take good care of my mother.”

“Have visited several facilities and this is at the top of the list for overall satisfaction. It is hard to find people who are qualified and are personally concerned about residents. Gallatin has that combination. Continue to hire and reward those that take pride in their work and treat residents like family. We are very pleased with the care.”